Loss Control and Risk Management Services

Gramercy delivers industry leading loss control and risk management services that aim to reduce risk and improve the business of our insureds. We have a strong track record and an in-depth knowledge of the construction market, which enables us to deliver stable and effective insurance solutions.

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Our Loss Control and Management Services

Gramercy’s NY Contractors Program includes a wide range of loss control and management services to help reduce risk and improve the business of our insured.

5 Ways We Help New York Contractors

  1. We conduct on-site loss control visits that are designed to identify and support our insured’s efforts to control exposures and hazards.
  2. Our commercial risk transfer assistance for insured and producers addresses the unique exposures facing New York contractors.
  3. We provide access to safety and risk management professionals.
  4. Our quarterly publication, Gramercy Construction Newsletter, is dedicated to New York construction safety.
  5. Gramercy’s Safety Bulletins provide periodic notices regarding timely safety issues.
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Gramercy at Work for You

With over 100 years of combined insurance experience, Gramercy is focused on providing loss control and risk management services that help to deliver long-term, sustainable growth.

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