Gramercy’s Executive Management Team

Gramercy is a full-service, blue-chip management company, focusing on specialty, niche markets. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our executive management team has a long and successful track record of creating and managing profitable Best A-Rated Insurance Companies.

William Fishlinger | Gramercy Risk Management

William Fishlinger

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Matthew Fishlinger | Gramercy Risk Management

Matthew Fishlinger

Chief Operating Officer

John Hardy | Gramercy Risk Management

John Hardy

Chief Underwriting Officer

Brendan Gallagher | Gramercy Risk Management

Brendan Gallagher

Head of Claims & Litigation Management

Al Trotter | Gramercy Risk Management

Al Trotter

Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Daub | Gramercy Risk Management

Joshua Daub

General Counsel

David Mocklow

Head of Corporate Development


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